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Hey! I'm Madeline, but please call me Maddy.  I'm a freelance motion designer in my favorite city in the world (so far) - New York. I recently finished up my BFA in Motion Design at Ringling College of Art + Design in sunny Sarasota, Florida. I'm originally from the dirty jerz so I like bagels and hiking. A lot. Strangers letting me pet their dogs is always the highlight of my day and my cat is my best friend (she's the best cat don't argue with me). If i'm not working you can probably find me cooking, trying new foods, and baking when I'm stressed (I make some pretty darn good banana bread). Making people feel better with tea and food is one of my favorite hobbies and sometimes I even venture outside with my friends. I love tattoos and I'm too sarcastic for my own good.

My original background is in design and animation but I've grown to love concept, advertising, branding, and storytelling. I've recently dived more into the advertising world working on the creative, production, and strategy sides and while I'm still not totally sure what I'm doing, I've really learned to love creating campaigns and working with a team. I love to break down concepts and rebuild them into visual identities and really tell a story that resonates.  One of my favorite ideas is to explore is human emotions and mindsets -really understanding why someone thinks or feels a certain way allows for more authentic communication whether through words or design. I find inspiration in fashion photography, mixed media, short films, contemporary graphic design, and advertising campaigns that really think outside the box.



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