An imaginary film festival that explores the theme of moral relativity in the films Deadpool, Kill Bill, and Gone Girl. The posters explore different forms of distortion to represent the points of view the movie characters use to justify their actions. 

Process below.



As I began this project, I set out to choose a subject matter and theme to focus on. A had a few goals in mind while choosing this focus since it was going to be a large, complex project to take on. I wanted to explore something contraversial, thought provocking and something that could be applied to more than just the films that I use to represent them. I explored different themes in mental illness, alienation, redemption, sexuality, pain, loss, unrequited love, pleasure, and moral ambiguity.  

I chose to explore the theme of moral relativity. I originally explored the films Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Social Network, The Maltese Falcon, Gone Girl, Deadpool, and 500 Days of Summer. At this point I was still unsure of what direction I wanted to take with the project. My argument was superficial at best but I decided to move forward with the first three films as see where research would bring me. 

I presented my festival idea using my original films and found while the theme of moral relativity was strong, the subject matter of revenge wasn’t as strong in The Maltese Falcon and The Social Network. I really wanted to focus on the moral gray area the charactersin the films create for themselves and the audience that makes the the anti-hero you root for. I dropped the films and chose to move forward with Kill Bill, Gone Girl, and Deadpool.  


The next step was to gather materials for mini-posters: visuals that explore different ways of representing the films. For each film we needed


5 photos you take (using any photographic apparatus)

5 images you make in any medium

5 photos you find

5 images you find (textures, abstract, etc)

5 type-as-image compositions you make in actual medium

5 type-based compositions you make

10 examples of image treatments (filters, effects, illustration styles, uses of media)

This week we explored various visual representations of the themes in the films. For each film we created 3 visual metaphors, 3 images from the movie, 3 symbols from the movie, and 3 images of your choice each in a different medium. This gave me a chance to explore different styles and see where my concept could go visually.  

Make 12 mini-posters on the theme of your film festival using the same guidelines.

Identify and refine most successful mini-posters for each film and for the festival and begin combinations.

Used developed posters to create combinations. Make 4 per film and 6 for the festival.

Looking at my posters from the previous week, I began to see patterns in what communicated the idea behind the festival best. The designs most people responded to were explorations of distortion and minimalism. I continued research on working artists and past designers who focused on these styles and sought to make that connection to my future designs. One artist I focused on was Saul Bass and his ability to communicate the idea of a film in a single image. I used this week to bring that approach into my mini-posters.

“For the formal strategies of my posters I’m going to focus on distortion through various ways including reflection and stamping. I’m going to explore distortion through cutting, glitching, warping, erasure, and using graphic elements to cover the image and/or type. With the idea of reflection I plan to try reflected compositions and reflecting images.  I plan on experimenting with stamping with various mediums to show symbols and typography.

For my conceptual strategy I’m trying to show a distorted sense of view or a warped sense of reality. The characters in the films all push the boundaries of morality and I want to show this sense of ambiguity through the distortion.”

Using these strategies design a 3 poster series. All information must be included: festival name, date, location, film titles, and any other information it would be inperative to include.

For this week I explored different forms of distorion through different styles and compositions to see what conveyed my theme best. I tried different styles to see how they mixed together as a series. I decided to push both graphic and photographic elements together to achieve the distored feeling I was looking for.

Make variations to the system: once you have established your system, ask:

What are the limits of your system? What makes a series? How different can one poster be and still fit in? Develop content for 4th poster in series